Red Alert

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers published a series of three articles under the heading “Red Alert”. They were about the likelihood of war with China in the next three years. The articles purported to be based on five experts. The articles were seeking to alert Australians to the threat China represents and the need to become more militarily prepared. I was appalled by the articles. (more…)


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Who is watching us?

The Australian government has become aware that Chinese cameras installed in government buildings could be used for spying purposes by the Chinese government. Hence, they will be replaced – over 900 cameras. The world is now a place with cameras everywhere. We are being watched by CCTV cameras, by internet giants such as Google and Facebook who gain information about us for advertising purposes, by hackers seeking access to our credit cards and bank accounts. What do we make of all this surveillance?  There are positives but also negatives about being watched. (more…)

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The Christian Life

I have just finished reading an intriguing book on a theology of the Christian life by Christopher Holmes, a young theologian from New Zealand. It was challenging because it came from a very different perspective to my own. He drew heavily on early church theologians as well as Thomas Aquinas from the Middle Ages and only some recent theologians such as Karl Barth and Rowan Williams. I will respond to what he presented. (more…)

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Our Context and Jesus

As we head towards Christmas 2022, what is the significance of the coming of Jesus at this time? The major concerns the world faces at present are the war in Ukraine and climate change. We have also had the Word Cup football to interest us. What is the relationship between these and Jesus? (more…)

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Living into the Vision

Christians are called to live into the vision Jesus portrayed of the reign of God. He said it was already breaking in through him though its fullness would be in the not yet future. He gave indications of the nature of God’s kingdom in parables and in his own symbolic actions. This vision was not without its precedents.  Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 65:17-25 can also be taken as an indication of the vision we are to live into. (more…)

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Christianity and Climate Change

While Christian faith has sometimes been accused of justifying human domination of nature, what it really intends is that we do God’s will which is for the benefit of all creatures and the earth not only humans. Humans have been given a special place in creation by God which calls for living in response to God’s purposes for all creation. (more…)

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Foreign Poicy

Australia’s foreign policy needs to change. We are too closely aligned to the USA and the UK. The new Australian government under the Labor Party has the opportunity to move into a new more independent stance than previous Australian governments. The need for this change became even more evident to me as a result of participating in the recent Raising Peace Festival. (more…)

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Loneliness is a major social issue. Despite more possibilities for communication, many people feel isolated and lack meaningful relationships. More people live in single person households than previously. COVID-19 exacerbated loneliness due to lockdowns and restrictions. Most restrictions are gone but many people have not fostered relationships and are lonely. Technology, such as smart phones, do not necessarily help people feel connected in meaningful ways with others. So, what is loneliness and how can we best overcome it? (more…)

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Everyone experiences suffering in some form. As well as physical suffering from sickness, accidents or abuse, there is mental suffering such as grief and depression. Mental health issues have become much more recognized in recent years especially due to the need for isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suffering is part of life and yet we also protest against it. I will explore suffering from a Christian perspective. (more…)

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Why Trinity?

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is often perceived as a problem. Many people do not understand or appreciate its relevance while others such as Muslim people reject it. Yet it is an important doctrine so I will seek to offer some thoughts that I hope will be helpful. (more…)

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