Why Trinity?

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is often perceived as a problem. Many people do not understand or appreciate its relevance while others such as Muslim people reject it. Yet it is an important doctrine so I will seek to offer some thoughts that I hope will be helpful. (more…)

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Politicans, Prophets and Jesus

We have just had a federal election with some significant changes taking place. We need good politicians to provide leadership for our nation.  We also need prophets, those people who point out where our policies and practices have to change if they are to be more in line with God’s will for a compassionate and just society. Above all we need Jesus who answers the deepest needs we have linking us to God and to God’s purposes for all creation. I will say more about each of these. (more…)

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Raising Peace

Over the ANZAC weekend I took part in the Raising Peace Conference via Zoom. I was impressed with the range of speakers and what they presented. Australia gives a great deal of attention to recognizing war and those who took part in war. ANZAC day commemorates not only the disastrous campaign in Gallipoli in 1915 but also all those who have taken part in the many wars Australia has willingly joined. I am not denying the suffering of those who took part and acknowledging that, but I wish we gave more attention to exploring ways forward for peace and security.  That is what this conference focused on.  Here are my reflections from it. (more…)

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Revenge and Forgiveness

I enjoy watching some of the Nordic noir series on SBS. A recent one was “Black Sands” set in Iceland. A woman’s body was found at the bottom of a cliff on a black sands beach. At first it was thought to be an accident – a tourist took a misstep and fell. Then there was suspicion of murder. Other accidents had also taken place, more than you would expect. The outcome was that the local doctor was responsible. The motive behind the murders, leading to killing three other people closer to him, arose from his abusive upbringing.  He hated his mother for how she treated him, which led to hating other women who mistreated those under their care, to murdering tourist women who did not have to have an autopsy as that only was required for Icelandic people. As the local doctor he could pronounce the deaths as accidents.  For me, this series raised the issue of revenge and from a Christian perspective that of forgiveness also. (more…)

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Where is God in Ukraine?

We have watched appalled as Russia has invaded Ukraine. They have sent missiles from the air and tanks rolled in on the ground. It has been unprovoked and ruthless with not just military installations targeted but even a maternity hospital and residential areas.  Nuclear power plants were deliberately hit despite the risk of a major catastrophe. The goal has been to intimidate and bring the Ukrainians to surrender. This has not happened as the resistance has been strong despite Russia having superior power.  Thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and become refugees. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. Where is God in all this suffering in Ukraine? (more…)

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Discipleship – Things to Remember

I was invited by MediaCom Education to write a Lenten Study which has been published as Discipleship – Things to Remember.  In it I made use of two of the four set readings each week in the lectionary (year C) and also used a quote and story that related to the theme for the particular week. I will draw on what I prepared for that Lenten Study. (more…)

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COVID-19 and 2022

We are now into 2022 and COVID-19 is still raging. In fact, the Omicron variant of the virus is infecting more people than ever. We have moved from trying to eradicate the virus, to living with the virus which some people would inevitably contract, to now expecting just about everyone will get the virus. Vaccination does not mean avoiding the virus but rather providing protection so that the effects of the virus will be reduced with much less likelihood of hospitalization and dying. Where is God in all this? (more…)

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The Second Coming

Advent is the Christian season that leads up to Christmas. It is a season of preparation and hope. We look to the coming of Jesus, past, present and future. Many people have difficulty with the final or second coming of Jesus. Tim Costello in his memoir tells of a conversation he had with Gough Whitlam. The former prime minister said, “I believe Jesus died – of course. I believe he rose from the dead, as all the evidence points to that. But I cannot believe he is coming back again.” What do we mean when we speak of the second coming of Jesus?


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Beloved is a Pulitzer prize-winning novel by American writer Toni Morrison.  Set after the American Civil War (1861-1865), it tells the story of a family of former slaves whose Cincinnati home is haunted by a malevolent spirit.  The novel Beloved is inspired by an event that actually happened: Margaret Garner, a slave in Kentucky, escaped and fled to the free state of Ohio in 1856. She was subject to capture in accordance with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. When U.S. marshals burst into the cabin where Garner and her husband had barricaded themselves, she was attempting to kill her children, and had already killed her two-year-old daughter, to spare them from being returned to slavery. Morrison uses the story to depict the lives of black Americans at the time and all they had been through. Beloved is the name on the gravestone of the murdered daughter who haunts the house. (more…)

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Climate Change Action

The international climate summit, COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland is almost upon us. Hosted by the UK from 31 October to 12 November, 2021, it will be the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference. It particular it aims to bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It will be an extremely important meeting for the future of our planet and all its creatures, not only humans.


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