Peacemaking Conference Statement

I participated in a Peace Conference in Perth, WA on 10-11 November at St George’s Anglican Cathedral.  I had the privilege of preaching at the Cathedral on Remembrance Day, Sunday 11 November.  The Conference organisers have produced a Peacemaking Conferenece Statement that sums up the various concerns that were expressed by the different speakers and seminar leaders at the conference.  It calls on the Austalian Government to take a number of actions that would enhance peace and are readily achievable.  (more…)


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The War to End War

On 11 November 2018, Remembrance Day, we will commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI.  It was called “the war to end war,” a phrase coined by H. G. Wells.  The First World War was a terrible war that Europe tragically engaged in not realising what it would mean.  Other nations, such as Australia, were drawn in as well. At first people thought it would soon be over.  The reality was that both sides called upon their people to support the war effort in a way that went beyond any previous war.  Trench warfare meant soldiers confronted each other for extended time.  Casualties were high.  Have we learned anything from the suffering?  I will be one of the speakers at a Peace Conference in Perth on 10-11 November. (more…)

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A Culture of Greed

The Royal Commission into financial institutions has exposed the way in which banks and insurance companies have for years been focused on maximizing profits and benefits to employees rather than serve the people.  The federal government was reluctant to have a Royal Commission believing it was not required.  Fortunately, the Royal Commission has come about and what it has revealed is startling.  Financial institutions have a culture of greed rather than service. (more…)

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What kind of Leaders do we want?

Most people found the change in the Australian Prime Minister to be an unimpressive sequence of events.  I will retrace what happened then speak about what we really want from our leaders.  There are certain qualities that I believe we would like to see in our leaders. (more…)

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World Christianity

I have been reading a book on World Christianity edited by Jonathan Tan and Anh Tran.  For those of us in Western nations, such as Australia and are Anglo-Celtic, our experience of church can be that it has been declining over recent decades.  We can think this is the overall reality when it is not.  Christianity has been growing significantly in other parts of the world and among other ethnic groups.  The book highlights that a major shift has taken place.  The traditional homeland of Christianity was Europe and North America.  Now Christianity is predominantly a religion of Africa, Asia and the Americas.  An estimated 60% of Christians are now living in the southern hemisphere. (more…)

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Positive Psychology and Jesus

I heard a radio program in which Martin Seligman, a leading figure in the field of positive psychology, was interviewed.  What he said made a good deal of sense.  He is an American psychologist, educator and author of self-help books such as Learned Optimism, Authentic Happiness and Flourish. I have also been reading Bonhoeffer’s Discipleship and what he says about Jesus’ call to follow him.  I majored in psychology years ago at the University of Sydney and have continued to have an interest in psychology. My major field of expertise is theology having a PhD in that field.  What follows are some thoughts about positive psychology and Jesus’ call to discipleship. (more…)

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Black Preaching

Recently we had the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St Georges Chapel, Windsor.  It was a very grand, public event with some 1.8 billion people watching.  The highlight of the wedding was the sermon by Bishop Michael Curry, the first black bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA.  It was notable because he did not change from his black preaching style and preached a dynamic faithful message. The emphasis was on love in all its dimensions which included reference to poverty and war.  It was a message that did not compromise but proclaimed his conviction about Jesus Christ. It is difficult to know how it was received by people but it certainly did register. (more…)

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